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Below updated sailing schedule for your reference. 

Port of DischargeMother Vessel / Feeder VesselVoyageETA Port KlangETA LAEETA Port of DischargeRemarks
Port Klang to Motukea (Port Moresby)Songa Leopard2333S07-Aug 20-AugOn refer
Victoria2334S14-Aug 27-AugOn refer
Frida Russ2335S21-Aug 03-SepOn refer
Carpenters Vega2336S28-Aug 10-Sep 
Rabaul Chief2338S11-Sep 24-Sep 
TBN2339S18-Sep 01-Oct 
Songa Leopard2340S25-Sep 08-Oct 
Victoria2341S02-Oct 15-Oct 
Frida Russ2342S09-Oct 22-Oct 
Carpenters Vega2343S16-Oct 29-Oct 
Rabaul Chief2345S30-Oct 12-Nov 
TBN2346S06-Nov 19-Nov 
Songa Leopard2347S13-Nov 26-Nov 
Port Klang to LaeSonga Leopard2333S07-Aug 24-AugOn refer
Victoria2334S14-Aug 31-AugOn refer
Frida Russ2335S21-Aug 07-SepOn refer
Carpenters Vega2336S28-Aug 14-Sep 
Rabaul Chief2338S11-Sep 28-Sep 
TBN2339S18-Sep 05-Oct 
Songa Leopard2340S25-Sep 12-Oct 
Victoria2341S02-Oct 19-Oct 
Frida Russ2342S09-Oct 26-Oct 
Carpenters Vega2343S16-Oct 02-Nov 
Rabaul Chief2345S30-Oct 16-Nov 
TBN2346S06-Nov 23-Nov 
Songa Leopard2347S13-Nov 30-Nov 
Port Klang to RabaulFrida Russ2335S21-Aug 26-SepOn refer
TBN2339S18-Sep 24-Oct 
Frida Russ2342S09-Oct 14-Nov 
TBN2346S06-Nov 12-Dec 
Port Klang to MadangVictoria2334S14-Aug 19-Sep 
Rabaul Chief2338S11-Sep 20-Oct 
Victoria2341S02-Oct 07-Nov 
Rabaul Chief2345S30-Oct 08-Dec 
Port Klang to HoniaraSonga Leopard2333S07-Aug 07-SepOn refer
Frida Russ2335S21-Aug 21-SepOn refer
Rabaul Chief2338S11-Sep 12-Oct 
Songa Leopard2340S25-Sep 26-Oct 
Frida Russ2342S09-Oct 09-Nov 
Rabaul Chief2345S30-Oct 30-Nov 
Port Klang to Port VilaSofrana Survielle (Feeder)289S07-Aug01-Sep08-Sep 
Sofrana Tourvielle (Feeder)267S21-Aug13-Sep24-Sep 
Sofrana Survielle (Feeder)290S11-Sep03-Oct10-Oct 
Sofrana Tourvielle268S02-Oct22-Oct29-Oct 
Port Klang to SantoSofrana Survielle289S07-Aug01-Sep06-Sep 
Sofrana Tourvielle267S21-Aug13-Sep23-Sep 
Sofrana Survielle290S11-Sep03-Oct09-Oct 

on refer” indicates booking subject to approval only as the voyage is approaching full ship. 
Note: for detailed sailing schedule (eta) ex-Penang and ex-Pasir Gudang to Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, please contact us for details. Contact details as per below email.


i. BAF Levels - Asia to Pacific

 Equipment Type
Jul-23USD 600USD 1,200
Aug-23USD 625USD 1,250

ii. Announcement

iii.  Events in Port Klang:  
August 31 - National Day

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