Dear valued clients / partners,
Kindly be advised that migration of QEL mail server has been scheduled to commence 30th July 2020 @ 2359hr. We are estimating a downtime of 24 hours (up to 48 hours at times) for the process to complete. The migration is imperative to improve service level of QEL as the current server is unable to cope, with both the increased traffic and filtering of spam / viruses effectively.
You will likely receive an auto reply stating that the email you sent “can’t be delivered to us” before the process is completed. Any emails sent to QEL will not be able to reach us before the process is completed, hence, appreciate you resend any mails sent to us during the period on 3rd Aug 2020 or and / or include below email address below during this period:
Temporary QEL email:
Alternatively, please contact our office on Monday (3rd Aug 2020) or respective person you have been dealing with in QEL directly on mobile.
We apologise for any inconvenience which might arise.