According to the MATRADE official website, the total import of Malaysia rounded up to RM877.74 billion in year 2018. The Top 1 import products of Malaysia is Electrical & Electronic products which account for 29.8% (RM 261.65 billion) of the total imports of Malaysia. Follow up by Petroleum products that account for approximately 9.8%(RM86.2 billion) of the total imports. Next up is the Chemical products that account for 9.4% (RM82.73 billion). Machinery Equipment and Parts ranked 4th in the top import list which is 8.4% (RM82.73 billion). The 5th place in the Top Imports List 2018 is manufacture metal products that account for 5.3%(RM46.11 billion). These are the top import products in Malaysia in year 2018.

Sourced from Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE).

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