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Westport SOPs during MCO 2.0

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement of Movement Control Order (MCO) to be implemented effective 13th January 2021 til 26th January 2021, Westport issued a memo dated 14th Jan 2021 with regards to terminal operations’ SOPs during MCO 2.0.

Port services is categorised under “essential service”, hence, all operations are allowed to continue, in line with Health Ministry’s guidelines.

SOPs to be practiced per below.


2.Group Gatherings and Assembly

All port users working within our port premises are restricted from organizing any group gathering or assembly to prevent any possible contagion and infection spreading across the general public

2.2 Visit and Meeting Restrictions

We have restricted all nonessential port visits/ meetings with external parties with immediate effect until further notice. Port visits are only allowed for business, terminal operations or work related matter upon approval from Westports management

2.Body Temperature Check

All port users must undergo onthespot health screening at all entry points to our port premises which includes entrance to our Business Centre, Tower Block, Liquid Bulk Terminal, Dry Bulk Terminal and Conventional Gate. Port users will be denied entry if body temperature is above 37.5°C

2.4 Haulage Drivers

All haulage drivers shall remain in their vehicles whilst in our port premises at all times

2.5 Movement in Vehicles

All port users who travel in private and company vehicles must be restricted to two (2) persons in a car at one time or with physical distancing for higher capacity company vehicles

2.6 PPE and Personal

Hygiene All port users must wear face mask upon entry into terminal, at public places and when in contact with others at workplace. We also require all port users to maintain a high level of personal hygiene by using hand sanitizer or hand wash with soap and water

2.SelfQuarantine and COVID19 test

Port users who have returned from overseas or have attended gatherings which are affected by COVID19 are required to undergo health screening tests and selfquarantine for at least 10 days. All foreign workers must provide COVID19 test result before entering terminal

2.8 Suspected and Positive Case

Our company also require all port users to update us details on suspected and positive COVID19 cases from time to time. For further enquiries, please contact Health and Safety Section (EHS) by phone at 0331694393 or email ( Failure to notify the terminal on the details required will lead to restriction on entering terminal at entry points

2.Entry Point Requirement

Upon entry into terminal, all port users must provide travel letter provided by your company. Port users also must register with government contact tracing app “My Sejahtera” before entering into terminal

2.10 Physical Distancing

All port users are to comply with safe physical distancing while in the terminal at least 2 metres away. Please abide to the physical distancing markers which are placed at areas such as Elevators, Turnstile, ATM/CDM machines, Convenience Stores, Canteens, Bus Stops, Shuttle Buses, Company Vehicles, Office, Pantry and Meeting Rooms

2.11 Port Pass Issuance

Issuance for port pass is restricted per session and will be made known in separate memo

2.1Enforcement on Construction Site 

Construction companies operating in our terminal are required to abide by the SOPs and guideline issued by Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). Only approved/ registered companies are allowed to operate.


Westport’s memo can be viewed in below link:



Stay safe.

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Westports: Covid-19 screening for foreign workers

Westports issued a notice dated 6th June 2020 advising all employers of subject matter. With effect 10th June 2020, Port Klang Authority (LPK) requires all foreign workers to undergo COVID-19 screening before port pass is being issued (both new application and renewal).

Effective 10th June 2020, each application (new and renewal application) of port pass for foreign workers must be attached with COVID-19 screening test results.

Employers who have renewed their foreign employee’s port pass are required to submit the list of workers’ name and a copy of COVID-19 test results to the port pass office by 19th June 2020.

Refer Westports memo for covid 19 screening test in Bahasa Malaysia and English.


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2.72 million teus idle containership as of 25th May 2020!

According to Alphaliner, the inactive container shipping fleet hit 11.6% of total fleet in terms of capacity as at end of May. This is an all-time high in the industry.

As of 25th May 2020, 2.72 million twenty foot equivalent units (TEUs) of idle containership fleet has been recorded. 2 major reasons for this idling capacity are:

  • Blank sailings by major global liners in response to the lower demand due to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Capacity removed from the market for scrubber retrofits.

Covid-19 pandemic forced the shutdown of most economies which affected employment and business adversely. As a result, consumer’s purchasing power declined significantly.

551 vessels were reported to be idling as at 25th May, 2020. Out of the number, 64 vessels were taken out for scrubber retrofits. That made up 571,858 teus, which means the vessels taken out of the trade (and purely idling)  is more than 2million teus.

Port throughput gone down by at least 10% in some major Malaysian sea ports due to the lockdown.

According to Alphaliner’s weekly newsletter the world’s two largest container lines – Maersk and MSC – account for the largest portion of the idle fleet with a combined total of 845,000 teu out of service. However, more than half this figure relates to vessels undergoing scrubber retrofits.

As countries around the world are gearing up to open their economies again, some carriers have been reported to re-instate some number of sailings, initially planned to be blanked according to Alphaliner.

Alphaliner said it expected the inactive fleet to peak shortly as lockdowns in many countries start to ease and demand recovers. “There are encouraging signs that carriers have over-estimated the level of demand contraction in May, and capacity shortages on certain routes have already started to push spot freight rates up.”

Specific to Asia, we have seen improvement in certain trading areas as compared to April and, although not representative of the global situation, some trades are starting to run full ships. With China taking lead to re-start the economy, and other Asian countries following suit to resume economic activities, outlook in the coming months is encouraging.

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