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Below updated sailing schedule for your planning.


Port of Discharge Mother Vessel / Feeder Vessel Voyage ETA Port Klang ETA Port of Discharge Remarks
Port Klang to Hong Kong (HIT) X-Press Kilimanjaro 21002E 27-Apr 24-Apr
Kota Lumba 2101E 24-Apr 30-Apr
X-Press Odyssey 21002E 7-May 7-May
KMTC Dubai 2102E 11-May 14-May
TS Singapore 21003E 16-May 21-May
Barbara 21003E 25-May 29-May
Kota Lumba 2102E 5-Jun 11-Jun
Port Klang to Shanghai (WGQ 5) Barbara 21002E 15-Apr 23-Apr
X-Press Kilimanjaro 21002E 27-Apr 5-May
Kota Lumba 2101E 24-Apr 3-May
X-Press Odyssey 21002E 7-May 15-May  
KMTC Dubai 2102E 11-May 20-May  
TS Singapore 21003E 16-May 25-May  
Barbara 21003E 25-May 1-Jun
Kota Lumba 2102E 5-Jun 14-Jun
Port Klang to Ningbo

(Beilun 3 / Meishan)

Barbara 21002E 15-Apr 25-Apr
Kota Lumba 2101E 24-Apr 5-May
X-Press Odyssey 21002E 7-May 17-May
KMTC Dubai 2102E 11-May 21-May
TS Singapore 21003E 16-May 27-May
Barbara 21003E 25-May 3-Jun
Kota Lumba 2102E 5-Jun 16-Jun
Port Klang to Qingdao


Emirates Sana 02107E 3-Apr 12-Apr
Emirates Wafa 02110E 20-Apr 29-Apr
Emirates Dana 02112E 30-Apr 9-May

Note:  for detailed sailing schedule ex-Penang, please contact us for details. Our contact details is as per below.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for booking or any clarification.

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Jeremy            : +60(3) 5623 6265 / +60(17) 693 8335
Jeff                 : +60(3) 5623 6265 / +60(16) 660 5981
Chriscilla         : + 60 (3) 5623 6223
Jok Onn           : + 60(3) 5623 6256
Siti                  : +60(3) 5623 6225
Faizah             : +60(3) 5623 6226