Madang is a capital of Madang Province in the PNG with estimated population of 30,000. Madang Port is located at the north coast of PNG. Madang is viewed by many in PNG as a safer and friendlier city for foreigners as compare to Lae and Port Moresby. As a result, Madang have more expatriates working in the city and many NGO has located their offices in the city. The Madang Port is relatively small in size and it is able to accommodate vessel up to 500 feet in length. Pilotage is required when vessel entering the Madang Port.

The main products that are growing constantly are such as coconut palm plantations along the coast, cardamom and cocoa. There are also Tuna Canneries industry in the Siar Village in the Madang region that operated by RD Tuna from the Philippine. Amendment of Custom Tariff Rate in Papua New Guinea 2018

There has been significant concerns raised by PNG manufacturers on the stiff competition coming from imported goods. Hence, the Government in an effort to support local manufacturers increased import tariffs on certain tariff items. This Bill is expected to reduce health related issues, enable local manufacturers to compete with foreign manufacturers, increase economic activities and create employment for the local.

These amendments have a significant impact on the import and export markets of PNG. Hence for people who intend to conduct business activities in Papua New Guinea is recommended to visit the official PNG government website.

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