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Shipping Services into China – NewZealand Shipping


Following our announcement back in July 2020 (QEL as agents for NewZealand Shipping Co. Ltd. in Malaysia), look no further if you’re sourcing for freight rates or space ex-Port Klang and Penang into Qingdao, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Ningbo, and Qingdao. We provide a weekly sailing from Port Klang and Penang to the above destinations.

Fun fact: you must be thinking why NewZealand Shipping (NZL) but has no service into New Zealand? Well, let us give you a brief history. NZL started out t from New Zealand itself and it had its eyes on the China and Korea market.

In August 2012, NZL started its maiden voyage into China and Korea. Few months into this trade, they decided to start a representative office in Qingdao to help smoothen out the logistical needs and enquiries over in China.

Fast forward 3 years to 2015, NZL has expanded itself into the Hong Kong market and saw the opportunity presented in the Intra Asia market.

From here on, NZL decided to explore the Intra Asia market further which led to the opening of another representative office in Hong Kong and Ningbo. This led NZL to focus more on its Intra Asia market. Since then, NZL was awarded its MLO licence from the China Ministry of Transport.

Subsequently, NZL expanded its agency network to include Shanghai, Korea and eventually Malaysia. In Malaysia, QEL Shipping Services is proud to represent NZL, as agents.

For more information, enquiry and booking, please contact us at:

Alex Mah     +60(3)5623 6220
Jeremy        +60(3)5623 6265 / +60(17) 693 8335
Jeff               +60(3)5623 6265 / +60(16) 660 5981
Siti                +60(3)5623 6225
Faizah          +60(3)5623 6226

Note: Our office is open (with reduced workforce) during this period (movement control order – due to Covid-19). Operating hours is 0900hrs to 1700hrs (Monday to Friday). It’s business as usual and we can be contact via above numbers OR via form below.


    Indicate POL:

    Indicate POD:

    Estimated volume (TEUs):

    Attach MSDS or Packing List (if applicable):

    Phone / Mobile (optional - for ease of communication and related to this enquiry only):

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    Carpenters Shipping sailing schedule: 29th January 2021

    Good day!!


    Updated sailing schedule:

    Port of Discharge Mother Vessel / Feeder Vessel Voyage ETA Port Klang ETA KRPUS (Pusan) ETA Port of Discharge Remarks
    Port Klang to Motukea (Port Moresby) Chengtu 2105S 2-Feb 16-Feb On refer
    Carpenters Sirius 2107S 20-Feb 8-Mar On refer
    Chengtu 2109S 13-Mar 30-Mar
    Carpenters Sirius 2111S 4-Apr 21-Apr
    Port Klang to LAE Changsha 2104S 30-Jan 9-Feb On refer
    Chengtu 2105S 2-Feb 20-Feb On refer
    Chefoo 2106S 14-Feb 1-Mar On refer
    Carpenters Sirius 2107S 20-Feb 12-Mar On refer
    Changsha 2108S 4-Mar 18-Mar
    Port Klang to Rabaul Chengtu 2105S 2-Feb 27-Feb On refer
    Carpenters Sirius 2107S 20-Feb 20-Mar On refer
    Chengtu 2109S 13-Mar 11-Apr
    Carpenters Sirius 2111S 4-Apr 3-May
    Port Klang to Madang Chengtu 2105S 2-Feb 2-Mar On refer
    Carpenters Sirius 2107S 20-Feb 23-Mar On refer
    Chengtu 2109S 13-Mar 14-Apr
    Carpenters Sirius 2111S 4-Apr 6-May
    Port Klang to Honiara Changsha 2104S 30-Jan 13-Feb On refer
    Chefoo 2106S 14-Feb 6-Mar On refer
    Changsha 2108S 4-Mar 23-Mar
    Chefoo 2110S 24-Mar 14-Apr
    Port Klang to Port Vila Papuan Chief (Feeder) 2106S 5-Feb 28-Feb 20-Mar
    Highland Chief (Feeder) 2107S 19-Feb 17-Mar 6-Apr
    New Guinea Chief (Feeder) 2108S 5-Mar 2-Apr 22-Apr
    Coral Chief (Feeder) 2109S 26-Mar 18-Apr 8-May
    Port Klang to Santo Papuan Chief (Feeder) 2106S 5-Feb 28-Feb 14-Apr
    New Guinea Chief (Feeder) 2108S 5-Mar 2-Apr 17-May

    on refer indicates booking subject to approval only as the voyage is approaching full ship.

    on refer indicates booking subject to approval only as the voyage is approaching full ship.

    Note: for detailed sailing schedule (eta) ex-Penang and ex-Pasir Gudang to Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, please contact us for details.

    Other updates:

    1. BAF levels – Asia to Pacific:
    Shipment type
    Month Per 20’GP Per 40’HC Conventional (Per Rvt)
    Jan-21 USD 350 USD 700 USD 21
    Feb-21 USD 400 USD 800 USD 24


    1. Equipment Imbalance Surcharge (EIS):
    • USD 300 per 20’GP / USD 600 per 40’HC effective for shipments with shipped on board date of 15th December 2020 onwards.


    1. Events in Port Klang:
    • Covid-19: Movement Control Order (MCO) has been reimplemented till 4th February 2021.
      • Note: Our office is open (with reduced workforce) during this period. Operating hours is 0900hrs to 1700hrs (Monday to Friday). 
    • Feb 12 & 13: Lunar New Year


    1. Others updates:

    **NAT – Terminal of call Changshu, near Shanghai

    **Shuntien 2104S, Noumea Chief 2104S and Chekiang 2106S omit Nansha.

    **Noumea Chief 2104S omit Motukea, all cargoes for Motukea will move on Lae Chief 2105S.

    **Noumea Chief 2107S blank sailing due to Lunar New Year.

    **Soochow 2105S omit Nansha, all cargoes to be tranship via Busan.


    Please do not hesitate to contact us for booking or any clarification.

    Email               :
    Jeremy            : +60(3) 5623 6265 / +60(17) 693 8335
    Jeff                 : +60(3) 5623 6265 / +60(16) 660 5981
    Siti                  : +60(3) 5623 6225
    Faizah             : +60(3) 5623 6226



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    [QEL] Notice: Mail server migration on 31st July 2020

    Dear valued clients / partners,
    Kindly be advised that migration of QEL mail server has been scheduled to commence 30th July 2020 @ 2359hr. We are estimating a downtime of 24 hours (up to 48 hours at times) for the process to complete. The migration is imperative to improve service level of QEL as the current server is unable to cope, with both the increased traffic and filtering of spam / viruses effectively.
    You will likely receive an auto reply stating that the email you sent “can’t be delivered to us” before the process is completed. Any emails sent to QEL will not be able to reach us before the process is completed, hence, appreciate you resend any mails sent to us during the period on 3rd Aug 2020 or and / or include below email address below during this period:
    Temporary QEL email:
    Alternatively, please contact our office on Monday (3rd Aug 2020) or respective person you have been dealing with in QEL directly on mobile.
    We apologise for any inconvenience which might arise.
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    Carpenters Shipping: Servicing Honiara, Solomon Islands

    Carpenters Shipping, a wholly owned subsidiary of MBf Holdings, operates shipping service into Honiara, Solomon Islands, via 2 separate string, namely South East Asia (SEA) service and North Asia service.

    Carpenters Shipping’s container at one of the client’s premise in Honiara.

    SEA service connects South East Asia ports to Honiara via 2 vessels with a frequency of 22 days per call. Direct call ports in South East Asia are Port Klang and Singapore. Cargo from other ports within South East Asia, such as Penang, Pasir Gudang, Ho Chi Minh, Belawan, Surabaya, Jakarta, Laem Chabang etc,  will be feedered in to Port Klang or Singapore to connect the mother vessel.

    Transit time from Port Klang to Honiara is estimated to be between 21-22 days. Both breakbulk and containerized cargo is accepted on the service.

    North Asia service, on the other hand, connects Far East / North Asia to Honiara via 4 vessels with a frequency of 20 days.

    For North Asia service, Carpenters Shipping accepts cargo from Kaoshiung, Xingang, Qingdao, Changsu, Ningbo, Nansha etc to Honiara.

    The service is supported by Carpenters Shipping’s own agency office in Honiara, Carpenters Shipping Agency, set up in 2017.

    For more info, please contact us at:


    Mimi                +60 (3) 56236233 /+60 (16) 212 7903

    Jeremy             +60 (3) 56236265 / +60 (17) 6938335

    Haren               +60 (3) 56236331

    Siti                   +60 (3) 56236225

    Faizah              +60 (3) 56236226


    QEL Shipping Services, as agent for Carpenters Shipping.

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