Dear Client,

MBf Carpenters Shipping after a review of safe carriage of this commodity. Effective from now, said commodity will only be accepted in live reefer containers with strict compliance of IMDG Code.

1. Transport of calcium hypochlorite must be at controlled reefer container temperature at +10 Degree Celsius.
2. Must be in one full load container.
3. Must be packed in clean plastic drum and not exceeding 45 kg net weight. Not exceeding 14 tonnes for both 20’ and 40HC container.
4. Drums must be properly secured ensuring no leakages and should shrink wrapping is used it must have adequate air flows to reduce possible retaining heat.

Bookings of this commodity will be accepted subject to equipment availability.

We thank all our clients for their continuous supports and we will continue to render first class service to the market. .

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification.

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The official announcement of Carriage of Calcium Hypochlorite can be downloaded here