Dear All,

Below updated shipping schedule for your planning.


  1. BAF levels – Asia to Pacific:
Shipment type
Month Per 20’GP Per 40’HC Conventional (Per Rvt)
Jun-20 USD 200 USD 400 USD 12
Jul-20 USD 200 USD 400 USD 12


  1. Events in Port Klang:
  • Covid-19: Conditional Movement Control Order in Malaysia enforced til 9th Jun 2020 will be replaced with Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) from 10th Jun, 2020 to 31st Aug, 2020.


  1. Others updates:

**Changsha 2014S omit Ho Chi Minh call

**Shengking 2007S, 2011S, Soochow 2009S Siangtan 2010S, Shuntien 2008S, 2012S omit Ningbo call

**Shengking 2007S omit Nansha

**NAT service to call Changshu Port, Shanghai

**Mount Cameron 2016S phase in replacing Orea

**Shuntien 2008S is calling Shanghai instead of Changshu

**Shengking 2007S, 2011S & Soochow 2009S omit Rabaul call

**Highland Chief 2013S, 2017S, Papuan Chief 2012S, Coral Chief 2015S, 2019S omit Santo call

**Highland C. 2013S & Coral C. 2015S, New G.C. 2014S, Papuan C. 2012S, 2016S omit XGA & QDG call


Port of Discharge Mother Vessel / Feeder Vessel Voyage ETA Port Klang ETA KRPUS (Pusan) ETA Port of Discharge Remarks
Motukea Shaoshing 2019S 22-Jun 9-Jul on refer
Carpenters Sirius 2021S    14-Jul 31-Jul
Shaoshing 2023S 5-Aug 22-Aug
Carpenters Sirius 2025S 27-Aug 13-Sep
LAE Changsha 2018S 17-Jun 30-Jun on refer
Shaoshing 2019S 22-Jun 13-Jul on refer
Mount Cameron 2020S 1-Jul 16-Jul on refer
Carpenters Sirius 2021S 14-Jul 4-Aug
Changsha 2022S 25-Jul 9-Aug
Rabaul Shaoshing 2019S 22-Jun 21-Jul on refer
Carpenters Sirius 2021S 14-Jul 12-Aug
Shaoshing 2023S 5-Aug 3-Sep
Carpenters Sirius 2025S 27-Aug 25-Sep
Madang Changsha 2018S 17-Jun 15-Jul on refer
Shaoshing 2019S 22-Jun 24-Jul on refer
Carpenters Sirius 2021S 14-Jul 15-Aug
Shaoshing 2023S 5-Aug 6-Sep
Honiara Changsha 2018S 17-Jun 5-Jul on refer
Mount Cameron 2020S 1-Jul 22-Jul on refer
Changsha 2022S 25-Jul 15-Aug
Mount Cameron 2024S 16-Aug 6-Sep
Port Villa Coral Chief (Feeder) 2013S 13-Jun 4-Jul 24-Jul
New Guinea Chief (Feeder) 2014S 27-Jun 20-Jul 9-Aug
Coral Chief (Feeder) 2015S 11-Jul 5-Aug 25-Aug
Papuan Chief (Feeder) 2016S 1-Aug 21-Aug 10-Sep


“on refer” indicates booking subject to approval only as the voyage is approaching full ship.

Note: for detailed shipping dates ex-Penang and Pasir Gudang to Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, please contact us for details.

Please contact us for booking or any clarification.


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