Carpenters Shipping, a wholly owned subsidiary of MBf Holdings, operates shipping service into Honiara, Solomon Islands, via 2 separate string, namely South East Asia (SEA) service and North Asia service.

Carpenters Shipping’s container at one of the client’s premise in Honiara.

SEA service connects South East Asia ports to Honiara via 2 vessels with a frequency of 22 days per call. Direct call ports in South East Asia are Port Klang and Singapore. Cargo from other ports within South East Asia, such as Penang, Pasir Gudang, Ho Chi Minh, Belawan, Surabaya, Jakarta, Laem Chabang etc,  will be feedered in to Port Klang or Singapore to connect the mother vessel.

Transit time from Port Klang to Honiara is estimated to be between 21-22 days. Both breakbulk and containerized cargo is accepted on the service.

North Asia service, on the other hand, connects Far East / North Asia to Honiara via 4 vessels with a frequency of 20 days.

For North Asia service, Carpenters Shipping accepts cargo from Kaoshiung, Xingang, Qingdao, Changsu, Ningbo, Nansha etc to Honiara.

The service is supported by Carpenters Shipping’s own agency office in Honiara, Carpenters Shipping Agency, set up in 2017.

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Mimi                +60 (3) 56236233 /+60 (16) 212 7903

Jeremy             +60 (3) 56236265 / +60 (17) 6938335

Haren               +60 (3) 56236331

Siti                   +60 (3) 56236225

Faizah              +60 (3) 56236226


QEL Shipping Services, as agent for Carpenters Shipping.