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Below updated sailing schedule for your planning. All feeder dates amended to latest eta in below schedule.



  1. BAF levels – Asia to Pacific:
Shipment type
Month Per 20’GP Per 40’HC Conventional (Per Rvt)
May-20 USD 325 USD 650 USD 19.50
Jun-20 USD 200 USD 400 USD 12


  1. Events in Port Klang:
  • Covid-19: Movement Control Order in Malaysia has been extended up to 9thJune, 2020.
  • 08thJune : Agong’s Birthday – Our office will be closed.


  1. Others updates:

**Changsha 2014S omit Ho Chi Minh call

**Shengking 2007S, 2011S, Soochow 2009S Siangtan 2006S, 2010S Shuntien 2008S omit Ningbo call

**Shengking 2007S omit Nansha

**NAT service to call Changshu Port, Shanghai

**Mount Cameron 2016S phase in replacing Orea

**Shuntien 2008S is calling Shanghai instead of Changsha

**Shengking 2007S, 2011S & Soochow 2009S omit Rabaul call

**Coral Chief 2009S, 2013S, 2017S, Highland Chief 2012S omit Santo call

**Highland C. 2008S, 2012S & Coral C. 2009S, 2013S New G.C. 2010S, 2014S omit XGA & QDG call


Port of Discharge Mother Vessel / Feeder Vessel Voyage ETA Port Klang ETA KRPUS (Pusan) ETA Port of Discharge Remarks
Motukea Carpenters Sirius 2017S 1-Jun 17-Jun on refer
Shaoshing 2019S 22-Jun 9-Jul on refer
Carpenters Sirius 2021S 14-Jul 31-Jul
Shaoshing 2023S 5-Aug 22-Aug
LAE Carpenters Sirius 2017S 31-May 21-Jun on refer
Changsha 2018S 11-Jun 25-Jun on refer
Shaoshing 2019S 22-Jun 13-Jul on refer
Mount Cameron 2020S 3-Jul 17-Jul
Carpenters Sirius 2021S 14-Jul 4-Aug
Rabaul Carpenters Sirius 2017S 1-Jun 1-Jul on refer
Shaoshing 2019S 22-Jun 21-Jul on refer
Carpenters Sirius 2021S 14-Jul 12-Aug
Shaoshing 2023S 5-Aug 3-Sep
Madang Changsha 2018S 12-Jun 13-Jul on refer
Shaoshing 2019S 22-Jun 24-Jul on refer
Carpenters Sirius 2021S 14-Jul 15-Aug
Shaoshing 2023S 5-Aug 6-Sep
Honiara Changsha 2018S 11-Jun 3-Jul  on refer
Mount Cameron 2020S 3-Jul 25-Jul
Changsha 2022S 25-Jul 16-Aug
Mount Cameron 2024S 16-Aug 7-Sep
Port Vila Highland Chief (Feeder) 2012S 29-May 26-Jun 23-Jul
Coral Chief (Feeder) 2013S 4-Jun 7-Jul 4-Aug
New Guinea Chief (Feeder) 2014S 25-Jun 19-Jul 16-Aug
TBA (Feeder) 2015S 16-Jul 10-Aug 30-Aug

“on refer” indicates booking subject to approval only as the voyage is approaching full ship.

Pls do not hesitate to contact us for booking or any clarification.


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